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Shanghai J&Q International Trade Co., Ltd

Our mother company Weifang Huasheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd is specialized in HDPE and LDPE plastic bags since 1997. The annual capacity of 2015 is 8000 tons. We have been recognized by global customers as a high quality, innovative and trusted manufacture. We are investing to develop more related products, while J&Q is established to provide better service and brings us to be known by more people.

What we offer

Our main products include HDPE and LDPE shopping bags, flat bags, freezer bags, nappy bags, striped bags, star seal garbage bags, c-fold garbage bags, gusset garbage bags and gloves, aprons and so on. We offer more than 40 different series and more than 80 different varieties, all of which are available in various colors and sizes. Customization of logo, print, and degradable features are customizable.

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The benefits of using garbage bags. 1.The use of garbage bags on the interior is clean, because the trash is not trash bag, then put a long time will produce very thick stains, odors do not say these stains also got bugs, cockroaches or some

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